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Pure Photoshop Actions

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  • 20 June

    A cool tool to get Proper White Balance

      Getting those white dresses neutral can be tricky.... but not anymore! Use the Color Sample Tool in Camera Raw and then edit that image to get a proper RGB edit.  It is so easy!       Sav read more

  • 20 June

    Create an Easy Watermark in Photoshop

        Watermarking your images in Photoshop can be important to keeping your work safe.  Here is a very fast tutorial on how to create a watermark in a about 2 minutes.  Don't forget to use the code   PUREROCKS to get 20% off your order!  Get your actions/presets HERE!   Save Save Save read more

  • 17 June

    Using Camera Raw even if you shoot JPEG

      Did you know that you can still harness the power of Camera Raw... even if you shoot JPEG? Here are a couple of videos!  The first one showing you how to do this.. and the 2nd to show you, that you can still run presets in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) even if you shoot JPEG.   Save Save Save SavTo To find the preset that I used in this video... CLICK HERE!!  Basic workflow is one of my go to presets for almost every image!!  Use the code purerocks for 20% off! Save read more

  • 13 June

    How to Import into Lightroom and more

    Ever wonder how you can keep yourself more organized in Lightroom?  Here are a few tips to keep you organized, starting at Import!  Also don't forget about our massive Sale!  55% off ending on Friday June 17th, 2016!!!!  CLICK HERE!!     Also don't forget about our massive Sale!  55% off ending on Friday June 17th, 2016!!!!  CLICK HERE!!  read more

  • 8 June

    Light and Bright Edit

    In this video, I show how I obtained a light and airy edit, and also got rid of her distracting hand and also extended the background.  You can get the actions and presets that I used here.  I do a lot of hand editing, but I do also use a few actions.  You can look up those actions here.  Use the code    PUREROCKS for 20% off!  Jaundice Relief  HERE   Decrease reds/Oranges HERE    Out of Focus Fixer HERE Pinch of Makeup Touchup HERE read more


  • I LOVE Pure Photoshop Actions! They make my job so much easier! I am an action “junkie” but since discovering Pure Photoshop Actions, I am no longer interested in the others! I love the simplicity of the Pureactions, I love that they are subtle and do not “over-power” but really “enhance” my photos!

    Julie Paisley

  • I absolutely adore these actions! I use them 90% of the time and they are just fantastic. I love that they are subtle actions and add just enough to your images. Keep rocking them out because Alex Michele Photography is a HUGE fan!!!!

    Alex Michele