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Why We're So Committed to Blogging

Why We're So Committed to Blogging

Owned Content.

If this is a term you're not familiar with, get to know it. 

For the last 3 or 4 years, Facebook has made us all so complacent. We could post an image and get a ton of immediate positive feedback. It's pretty exciting and more than a little addictive. Back when we started our photography business, the way to reach clients and be found on the web was though a good website and a well-kept blog. But as Facebook crept in, the blog got more than a little neglected. 

But little did we know that all of our hard work was only going into a black hole. We didn't keep control of it. It was not helping us move up in Google searches. It was not getting Pinned on Pinterest. A lot of photographers (most that we've spoken to) fell into this trap too. We blogged a little here and there, but mostly we just added our content to Facebook. 

Good for Facebook, bad for us. 

All of our lighting diagrams, and action recipes and posing ideas were just...gone. Poof. Well, not anymore. Now that Facebook has tightened it's algorithms (and before anyone says anything about it being is not. We've paid long before now out of a sense of fairness), we are moving the equivalent of almost 4 years of thoughts and ideas to our blog. Slowly and surely we are planting our flag here. 

Yeah, we'll post on Facebook and Google+, but amazing tutorials will live here. We have dedicated days and days to blogging and putting our most popular content here and we will be adding often. If you are looking for great info on getting started as a photographer, or on adding polish and professionalism to your workflow and in-camera work, check us out. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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Great news , thanks for sharing this wit us

8 years ago
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8 years ago
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8 years ago
Tabitha Mort (DellaMort Photography)

I too have fallen into that black hole of no blogs... The problem for me is I SUCK at writing and in trying to keep it all SEO friendly I think I end up messing it all up... That might be a good idea for a blog! SEO for dummys lol. I have to say thank you for all that yall have done to help the little guy. I attribute almost everything that I have learned to you and your CC groups. Thank you so much for all you do!

10 years ago

Hmm, definitely gave me a whole new aspect on blogging. I also have not made it a priority because FB was just too easy, but now see that in a whole different light!

10 years ago


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