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Generate 100% preview in Adobe Bridge

Generate 100% preview in Adobe Bridge

It's Time to Become Proficient in Photoshop/ACR and Bridge!

Not all of us use Lightroom to edit our photos.  For whatever reason, we have established a workflow in Photoshop, and we love it. 
There are tools in Lightroom that are nice, that some wish were in Photoshop and Bridge/ACR.  I am here to show you one that is!

100% previews!  When you import your photos into Lightroom, you have the option to render at 1:1.  Meaning when you are culling your photos, you can zoom in at 100% and it will show you right away if the photo is in focus or not.  It doesn't take time to render. 

Turns out Bridge has that tool also!  Most people don't know about this nifty little tool!

Here is where you can find it.  Just remember, that your photos will have to render when you open the folder.  So if it is a wedding, open the folder, and go get lunch or a snack while it renders.   Then when you hit the space bar to start viewing your photos to cull, you will be able to zoom in at 100% and see a full preview of the image and not have to wait! The beauty of this method is that rather than spreading the wait time for images to render to the opening of every image, you can instead opt to consolidate all of that wait time to the beginning of your session edit and so you can use that time more effectively, like answering client emails, cleaning your office a little, getting a snack, etc.  Time saving is critical for small businesses!

By default it will choose "Prefer Embedded (Faster).  You just need to click Always High Quality and Generate 100% Previews. 

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