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  • 14 January

    Generate 100% preview in Adobe Bridge

    It's Time to Become Proficient in Photoshop/ACR and Bridge! Not all of us use Lightroom to edit our photos.  For whatever reason, we have established a workflow in Photoshop, and we love it.  There are tools in Lightroom that are nice, that some wish were in Photoshop and Bridge/ACR.  I am here to show you one that is! 100% previews!  When you import your photos into Lightroom, you have the option to render at 1:1.  Meaning when you are culling your photos, you can zoom in at 100% and it will show you right away if the photo is in focus or not.  It doesn't take time to render.  Turns out Bridge has that tool also!  Most people don't know about this nifty little tool! Here is where you can find it.  Just remember, that your photos will have to render when you open the folder.  So if it is a wedding, open the folder, and go get lunch or a snack while it renders.   Then when you hit the space bar to start viewing your photos to cull, you will be ... read more

  • 14 January

    How to Find Lost Lightroom Panel

    Every few weeks we get a frantic email scrambling for help, because Lightroom has eaten a critical editing panel and a Pure friend is needing our help to restore their Lightroom to it's more usable state and help them find their lost panel.  Often (I am not sure why) the main panel that goes missing is the vital Basic panel with the main sliders for Exposure, Contrast, etc.  You can imagine how concerned people are when this happens. I created a video to walk our users through how to restore lost Lightroom panels, in case this ever happens to you.  There are a lot of tips in the short video, but if you need to get going quickly and don't have time for a video, the basics of restoring panels is to right click on any of your panel names (Basic, Tone Curve, etc.) and you'll bring up a list of all possible panels available and check marks for which ones are currently visible.  You can hide panels by unchecking unwanted or unused panels, and checking important panels that have ... read more

  • 14 January

    Want to be featured on our Facebook page and blog

    Want to get featured?  We will be choosing our next Artist Showcase on Saturday!  We will post on our blog on Monday!  We will also share on our Instagram and newsletter!  That is over 150,000 eyes on your business!  Hurry and get us your pictures! Let us know what actions of ours you used on the photos or what your favorite actions are! We will choose on Saturday!! Hurry!!!   Email us at purephotoshopactions@gmail.com  to be considered.  Even if you are chosen this week, we will keep all entries and choose from those too in future weeks! Also don't forget that we are hosting a weekly photography challenge in our fb group!  We choose a winner every week!  This weeks theme is POINT OF VIEW.  Click to be taken to our group!  Also this weeks weekly special is on one of our classics!  Just a pinch!  20% off our Just A Pinch Action Set! Discount good until Sunday 1-17-16 Because sometimes just a pinch is just right. Not too much, but not too little. Including actions Film Noir, A Pinch of Newborn Goodness and 14 other ... read more

  • 26 November

    Black Friday 2015 Sale

    PHOTOGRAPHERS: 60% off of everything in our store! The sale is LIVE! Templates, Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets, ACR Presets, blogging templates, and our one of a kind sky swap action set that makes replacing those blown out skies the in seconds! There is no reason to sit behind your computer for hours editing pictures! Get the same look, but faster, using actions or presets! www.purephotoshopactions.com/products No code is needed. Discount is already applied. Only lasts until December 7th! With ANY purchase, you get TONS of freebies included in your download! 1) 5 free blogging boards for Photoshop and Lightroom and a placement action for Photoshop that makes adding images super fast and easy! 2) Free instagram templates for Lightroom 3) Bokeh Christmas light overlays to make those Christmas pictures even more magical. 4) Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Glitter Overlay for your Christmas and Holiday pictures! 5) A FREE mini action set for Photoshop and Elements!   read more

  • 29 April

    How to photograph your Christmas Tree

    The holidays are coming and with them come a lot of photo ops. Want to take them up a notch? How about getting a little star burst on your Christmas tree lights or Menorah candles? This is a fun little trick that will give your holiday photos a little extra sparkle. It is important that you have a tripod for this, as we will be working with longer exposures. You will also need a camera where you can control the exposure, like a DSLR or a bridge point and shoot. Now, in a semi-dim room with candles or Christmas lights lit, position the tripod where you would like it. Now we fiddle with the exposure. My usual starting place is f/16, ISO 200, shutter speed 15 seconds--see why we need the tripod? I also will put my camera on a 2 second delay, so when I hit the shutter, it isn't affected by any movement of the camera when i push the button. (If you do not own a tripod, you can also set your camera on a table or s chair ... read more


  • I LOVE Pure Photoshop Actions! They make my job so much easier! I am an action “junkie” but since discovering Pure Photoshop Actions, I am no longer interested in the others! I love the simplicity of the Pureactions, I love that they are subtle and do not “over-power” but really “enhance” my photos!

    Julie Paisley

  • I absolutely adore these actions! I use them 90% of the time and they are just fantastic. I love that they are subtle actions and add just enough to your images. Keep rocking them out because Alex Michele Photography is a HUGE fan!!!!

    Alex Michele