Our theme this year is to help photographers improve their overall workflow, so they can be more profitable and spend more time with their loved ones.


Pure Photoshop Actions

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  • 26 March

    Wedding Day Shot List

    There is no room for screw up!   Trying to remember all the shots to get on a wedding day can be overwhelming!  We only get one shot to make sure that we capture all the details of the wedding that our clients have hired us for.   We obviously recommend that you 2nd shoot for a photographer before venturing out to shoot weddings on your own.  That way you are able to see how a wedding day typically flows and when you should take each shot.  (Obviously, every wedding is different, but getting a generalized idea is good).   To download this 10 page PDF guide, just click the image below!   read more

  • 25 March

    What is our favorite lens and why

      Ever wonder what our favorite lens is or what your next lens purchase should be? There is a consistent theme to the most common questions on our groups, our page, in our email, and on our blog. See if you can spot it.  "What lens did you use to shoot this?" "I'm looking for a new lens, what is the best one?" "What lenses do you need for weddings?" "What lens is best for (fill in the blank) sessions?"  They're straightforward questions with convoluted answers. There are so many lenses with lots of price points and a lot of this depends on what you intend to shoot and your budget.   So instead of just guessing, we are here to give our thoughts on the most common professional lenses.  We go over the (many) lenses in our bags and outline what we use them for, which we love, which we can't live without, which we wish we would have done something different, and our feelings on which are critical to have for different sessions.  Check out our discussion below.   Here are links to the lenses we ... read more

  • 24 March

    Lightroom Course

    Do you need more hours in the day?  Is editing time draining your passion for photography?    Are you looking for better consistency and a style that you can apply to all your images?  We're here to demystify Lightroom.  We'll get beginners going strong and even help seasoned users to explore more effective ways of using this game-changing program.  Take your life back.  Rekindle your love of photography. Find consistency.   There are 11 videos in total with over 4 hours of content!   You will learn everything from   Library module  Adjustment Tools  Sorting in Lightroom  Exporting  Develop Global Sliders  Dehaze tool  Creating and Saving Presets of your own  Batch editing Lightroom to Photoshop and how to harness both software's  Troubleshooting and how to fix what could go wrong in Lightroom Lightroom Workflow ​ Now enjoy our free Lightroom Workflow video!  It is almost 40 minutes long and it is just a taste of the information you will learn in the course! Do you want ... read more

  • 17 March

    Studio Gear 101

      Studio lighting can be overwhelming when you are just starting out!  There are so many questions! What lights do I need?  What modifiers do I need?  Where should I place the lights?  What should my settings be?  How many lights do I need?  Can I use one light?  How do I get the High key look?  How do I get the dramatic, moody lighting? And more.......    Well, we put together this FREE video, showing you exactly what gear we use in our studio!  You don't need it all, but we go over what each thing does, and how we use it.   If you want to download the PDF with all the links to the products we use above and our suggestions on what you should get first if you are just starting out, you can do that by clicking the image below.       If you want to sign up for our Newsletter and get occasional freebies and tutorials, you can do that below! read more

  • 7 March

    5 tools I use every day in Photoshop

    There are so many incredible tools in Photoshop; I don't even know how to pick just 5.  It can get overwhelming trying to figure out exactly what tools to use and what tools will render the results you are wanting.  So I have put together a list of 5 of my most used tools in Photoshop! We also go into all of these tools and much more, in our 6-hour Photoshop class!  Seriously, 17 videos of in-depth content, of all the things a Photographer could use and need to know about Photoshop!  It is also only $50!  It is usually $100!  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! 1)  ACR Seriously this is where I do almost all of my editing!  There are a lot of sessions where I don't even open the images in Photoshop itself.  ACR is incredibly powerful and can do most of the editing that a photographer who loves clean, classic images needs.   2)  Curves What can I say about Curves?  The curves tool is one of, if not the most powerful tools inside of Photoshop!  From color popping, to ... read more


  • I LOVE Pure Photoshop Actions! They make my job so much easier! I am an action “junkie” but since discovering Pure Photoshop Actions, I am no longer interested in the others! I love the simplicity of the Pureactions, I love that they are subtle and do not “over-power” but really “enhance” my photos!

    Julie Paisley

  • I absolutely adore these actions! I use them 90% of the time and they are just fantastic. I love that they are subtle actions and add just enough to your images. Keep rocking them out because Alex Michele Photography is a HUGE fan!!!!

    Alex Michele