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Just A Pinch Action Set

Just A Pinch Action Set

Because sometimes just a pinch is just right. Not too much, but not too little. Including actions Film Noir, A Pinch of Newborn Goodness and 14 other amazing actions!

This is a digital Download.  No actual product will be shipped. You will be directed to a download after your purchase. You will also receive an email with a link to your download.
Due to the digital nature of our product, no refunds can be given.

Must have either Photoshop CS or higher


Photoshop elements 6 or higher.

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Actions included:

1.  Just a Pinch of Light–A very very gentle brightening action.

2.  Just a Pinch of Warming–This warming action is just genius.  Wait…did that sound conceited?  Dang.  Well, let us assure you most humbly that it really is. 

3.  Just a Pinch of Old School–Do you like those fun vintage photos, but find the vintage actions too heavy for your editing style?  This is such a gentle vintage action that even at 100% it won’t overpower the integrity of your image.

4.  Just a Pinch of Fade–This is a funny little action.  It works differently on photos, depending on the lighting of the photo.  If your photo is overbright, it will give it a nice hazy fade.  If the photo is on the darker side, it will give it a gentle lift and brighten. What a smart little action!

5.  Just a Pinch of Color–Are your colors a little blah?  Photos feeling a little lifeless?  Here is a sprinkling of color for you.

6.  Just a Pinch of Darkness–Wow, it sounds like an ominous action, doesn’t it?  Sometimes a slightly overexposed image can look really blah.    Bringing in a little darkness can save the day.  It breathes new life into a blah image. 

7.  Just a Pinch of Haze– Haze is all the rage, but sometimes it can take over the whole image.  But a little haze added judiciously can really make an image look polished and finished. 

8.  Just a Pinch of Brown–This is another vintage/haze action that works with a bit of a brown tone.  It is very flattering to skin tones and works with all seasons. 

9.  Just a Pinch of Film Noir–The golden age of film, now brought to you in a black and white action. 

10. Just a Pinch of a Tone–Here’s a schizophrenic little action for you.  One click and you have a ton of options.  You can leave it exactly as it runs, or you can start turning tones off or adjusting opacity. 

11. Just a Pinch of Soft Light–This is a great little action.  You can brighten (dodge) and darken (burn) your backgrounds AND soften them at the same time. 

12.  A Pinch of Newborn Goodness–Red newborns?  NO problem. 

13.  Just a Pinch of Make Up Touch Up–Sometimes, by the end of a shoot or a wedding, the subject’s make up can really fade.  Never fear!  This action will revitalize it.

14.  Just a Pinch of Anti-Haze–Sometimes you just get a little to much haze that can really obscure the face of your subject.

15.  Just a Pinch of Aloe Vera– Got sunburn?  Take the bite out of that red red skin with this action.  You can paint in just onto the skin area to prevent it from changing the backgrounds too much.  On the flipside, it can be painted just onto backgrounds to give outdoor greens a nice punch.  ;)  Hey, we’re all about multi-tasking.  :)

16.  Just a Pinch of Brighter Eyes–Sometimes the eyes just need a pinch more light. Enter this action.

Must have either Photoshop CS or higher


Photoshop elements 6 or higher.

This is a digital Download. No actual product will be shipped. You will be directed to a download after your purchase.

Due to the digital nature of our product, no refunds can be given.

We know the legal stuff is not as fun, but we want to let you know what the terms of use are.

The actions, presets, templates, images and videos themselves are the property of Pure, and each sale/download constitutes a license to use the product.  Please do not resell, rehost, or give the actions/templates/videos away.  Please do not claim the actions/templates/videos/graphics (or the creation of them) as your own.  A license does not extend to multiple people in the same company.  You are welcomed to use the actions on personal and business images.  

You are not allowed to share, sell or give away anything that you purchase from Pure.  That violates the Terms of Use.

By purchasing you agree that you have double checked to make sure you have selected the proper editing platform, and that you have a basic understanding of how to use actions/presets and templates and how to install them and or a basic understanding of your editing platform.  

If you are found to have violated these TOU, you will be required to destroy all copies, under penalty of law.

But we KNOW you'd NEVER do any of the above stuff.  So let's have fun!

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