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Pure Tones Photoshop Actions
Softly-colored light, suggesting spring, and low, golden sun filtering through trees and branches, creating beautiful, soft, toned light. That’s what we’re all about here. We’ve worked hard to create romantic but tailored tones to really augment your images. One thing we love about these tones is that even at a low opacity, they give a smooth, tailored, finished look to any image. Try them out and you’ll be hooked.
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28 Actions included:

1) Brighten First–Sometimes, adding tones can cause a deeper, matte look. That is not always what we want. If your images needs just a little exposure correction, then this is the action for you.

2) Softer–Too much contrast in an image? A little too harsh of light? This action helps that.

3) Even Softer–This takes Softer to new levels. It is a great finishing action, but it also is great to start out an image.

4) Pop–Want the tones AND the pop?

5) Marshmallow–A slight haze without the toning.

6) Lilac–A lovely light lavender tone. Use it on it’s own or with other tones to create a unique look.

7) Sunshine–Is your image too dull? Too cool and blue? A little underexposed? Sunshine to the rescue! A little kiss of warmth.

8) Sunset–Warm evening light, with the click of a button.

9) A Little Color–A very slight, flatter color pop. It is quite clean with skin tones.

10) A Lot of Color–A deep color pop that STILL keeps the skin tones as safe as possible.

11) Desert Pop–Pop, Tone, Drama! This is a style of editing we get asked about a lot.

12) Desert Bloom–A lovely, pink haze with some drama.

13) Wild Honey–Another artistic tone action. Lovely and golden.

14) Butter–A gorgeous yellow artistic tone.

15) Yellow Vintage–Light, soft, and flattering, this slight vintage action won’t overwhelm your image.

16) Warm Pop–Can I play some favorites here? I pretty much love this action. One click will do a lot of the editing for you. A little contrast, a little color, a little warming, a little brightening. Good stuff.

17) BW Tone–A soft, toned BW.

18) Faded Photograph–A GORGEOUS vintage action.

19) Monsoon–A high-key pop.

20) Desert Star–A poppy, bright tone.

21) Snapdragon–A soft, bright tone.

22) BW Tone 2–A sumptious, bright, toned BW.

23) Raspberry Tea–A fun poppy pink tone.

24) Not So Mellow Yellow–Pop! Pop! Pop! A vintage yellow POP!

25) A Touch of Drama–Who says tones are tame? A dramatic toned pop!

26) A Flair for the Dramatic–Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Tones are so tired of being compared to their older, poppy sisters.

27) Sepia Madness–A gentle sepia tone for either color photographs or black and whites.

28) Classic Vintage–A lovely matte vintage action that still maintains a POP! Adjust opacity to taste.

Must have either Photoshop CS or higher
Photoshop Elements 6 or higher

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