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Pure Email Templates

20 email templates to help you navigate customer service in your photography business.  

In any industry there are hordes of talented people, some succeeding wildly and some sputtering along without much notoriety. While many things that can contribute to this, a lot of times it comes down to how they market themselves. An inescapable part of marketing is how you communicate with your clients and potential clients. It is part of your client experience, part of what drives word of mouth and part of what makes clients want to choose you or choose to come back to you. Client communication can manage expectations, soothe troubled waters, or in those last ditch situations, it can establish your boundaries in a skirmish.

Pure has been navigating the customer relations waters for years now. With our high volume of varied emails, we have been honing our customer relations skills and interactions. Coupled with Rachel’s degree in English, we’ve been gathering quite the repertoire of email kernels.  These emails can serve us as a base for many different kinds of client/customer communication. They help us to keep our communication timely, professional, and clear.

Many of these emails come with overviews and ideas for when to employ the emails and thoughts to consider before sending the emails. They also have optional paragraphs that you might choose to add, should the situation call for it.

 Templates included

  1. Sorry I am booked that day
  2. Client Asking About a Genre of Photography Not Offered
  3. Client Further Editing Photos Without Permission
  4. Fellow Photographer Requests Tips/Tricks
  5. Confirmation of Products Before Placing Order
  6. Family Questionnaire
  7. First Contact
  8. Follow Up to First Contact
  9. Follow Up Client Survey
  10. What to Wear
  11. Referral Thank You
  12. Requests for Free/Discounted Session/Products
  13. Retainer Reminder
  14. Session Finished/Delivery of Digitals/Products
  15. Shortly After Session
  16. Shortly Before Session to Touch Base
  17. Two Clients Asking for the Same Day, but First Has Not Paid Retainer
  18. Unhappy Client (Photographer Not at Fault)
  19. Wedding Survey Attachment
  20. What to Wear/Welcome



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Pure Actions for Photographers