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BUY IT ALL For $99

BUY IT ALL For $99


This is MORE then 97% OFF!!! 

please note:  this does NOT include the new Purely Matte Set or any Video Classes (Like our Photoshop Class)

Get everything we sell and have ever sold in the past, even sets that are discontinued... for ONLY $99!!!!!! Even all of our designer sets are included in this!!

There is NO additional discount if you have purchased previous sets already...... as this is already an OUTRAGEOUS deal....

A value of $3604..... for only $99!!!!

We haven't decided how long the deal will last yet. It will be for a limited time!  So hurry and get your set!

This download will include all of our Past (discontinued) and present ACTIONS (PS and ELEMENTS), TEMPLATES (blogging boards, email templates, Lightroom album templates) PRESETS (ACR and LIGHTROOM) all past freebies, and DESIGNER SETS!!  Never before have Designer sets ever been included in any bulk set!

Includes the following.  (The glorious part of this, is that it includes actions for every platform.  So if you edit in Elements now, but think you might eventually upgrade to Photoshop or Lightroom, this will still be a great deal for you!  You will have everything that we sell for the other platforms too!) 


  • Pure email templates
  • Pure Lightroom Album Templates
  • Pure Lightroom Square Album Templates
  • Pure Bokeh Overlays
  • Pure Desktop Organizer
  • Pure Glitter Overlays
  • Blogging Boards
  • Instapure Square Album Templates
  • Blogging Templates 1 and 2
  • Christmas Word Overlays

LIGHTROOM PRESETS and ACR PRESETS (acr works in Adobe Camera Raw which is part of Photoshop)

  • Fall into Fall Miniset for LR
  • PPA Lightroom Set 1
  • PPA Lightroom Set 2
  • PPA Poptastic
  • PPA Quick Clicks Miniset
  • PPA Spring Set
  • PPA Summer Fun
  • PPA Pure Touch Up

PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS (Most of these work in Elements with the exception of a few)

  • PPA Retouch Video Action Set and Video Tutorials
  • Sky Swap Set 1
  • Sky Swap Set 2
  • PPA Hazy Days Baby Action Set
  • PPA Just a Pinch Set
  • PPA Light Leaks Photoshop Set
  • PPA Pure Essential Workflow Photoshop
  • PPA Pure Haze
  • PPA Pure Matte
  • PPA Pure Seasons
  • PPA Pure Tones
  • PPA Purely Studio Action Set
  • PPA Purely Vintage
  • PPA Quick Clicks Action Set
  • PPA Round and Fill
  • PPA Set 1
  • PPA Set 3
  • PPA Split Tones
  • PPA Spring Fever
  • PPA Summer Days
  • PPA Summer Fun
  • PPA Tilt Simulation
  • PPA WInter Wonderland
  • PPA BW Mixer
  • PPA Ice Cream Sundea
  • PPA Baby Max
  • PPA Black and White set
  • PPA Cross Process
  • PPA Deep and RIch
  • PPA Fall into Fall
  • PPA Golden Hour


  • PPA Cayden Lane Photoshop
  • PPA Christie Hobson Photoshop
  • PPA Follow Your Art Classic Photoshop Set
  • PPA Julie Paisley Photography Photoshop set
  • PPA Follow Your art Tapestry Photoshop Set
  • PPA Meshelle Newborn Photoshop Action set
  • PPA Meshelle Mini newborn Photoshop action set
  • PPA Meshelle Newborn Lightroom (and ACR) Presets
  • PPA Cayden Lane Lightroom (and ACR) Presets
  • PPA Follow Your Art Artistic Lightroom (and ACR) Presets

 PLEASE note.... this file will take a while to download, due to the sheer size of it.  it is over 3GB.  Please be patient and give it time. :)

You can download it after your purchase, but navigating to the "My Account" at the top right corner and choosing My downloads.  Then click the box next to the name of the set and it will start the download.  

USD $89.10
USD $198.00
USD $108.90 (55%)



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