Cayden Lane Lightroom and ACR Presets

Cayden Lane Lightroom and ACR Presets

Cayden Lane Designer Presets for LR4 and higher or Photoshop CS6 ACR7.0 and higher

This set is a Lightroom/ACR spin-­off of our VERY popular Cayden Lane Designer actions. We are just thrilled that we’ve been able to capture the essence of those actions (and different combinations of the actions) through develop presets and brushes. You can get everything from a very stylized, almost storybook-­like, look to a clean, warm edit with this set. It is pretty amazing.
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Must have LR4 or higher or Photoshop CS6 ACR7.0 and higher

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One important thing to note is that the brushes are a critical part of this set. There are brushes that allow you to bring back some of the detail and contrast to critical parts of the images, or pop specific colors, etc. Please make sure to work with those and try them out! You can get amazing results without ever leaving Lightroom/ACR.

Included in the Develop Presets:

1) Add It All Together­­–This preset creates Lori’s signature look. It is a stylized, toned, hazy magical edit. If it leaves important details too hazy, using the Skin Reset, Details Details, or Add Contrast or Clarity brushes can bring back that sharpness and contrast and color selectively so that you can customize how this preset affects your image. (Almost like layers in actions!)
2) Add It All Together (No Brightening)­­–See description above. But no brightening added.
3) Beachy BW– bright, lightly toned BW. Beachy BW (No Brightening)­­See above.
4) CL Workflow+Blacks–­­The strong version of Cayden Lane’s pink look. Again, if it is too hazy, use the skin resets or Details, Details brushes to bring clarity back!
5) CL Workflow+Blacks Light–­­Similar to the above preset, but lighter and cleaner.
6) CL Workflow+Blacks (No Brightening)–­­Similar to the above, but without brightening. CL Workflow+Exposure­­Hazy, toned, matted and magical.
7) CL Workflow Light­­–A gentle version of the above matted workflow.
8) CL Basic BW­­–Lori’s signature BW.
9) CL Basic BW-(No Brightening)
10) Groundwork and Sauce–­­Warm and Hazy, one of the favorite combos of our action set. Groundwork and Secret Sauce Light­­we know that sometimes less is more!
11) Groundwork Secret Sauce and Hazy Baby–­­Can you see how we are adding together each look. Since we have to do so much with the one curve there are steps within each preset. This takes the warm base and adds that toned haze to it.
12) Groundwork, Secret Sauce, Hazy Baby, Matte–­­This takes the above and then adds a lovely matte finish to it all.
13) Groundwork, Sauce, and Light Haze–­­A very light warm haze workflow.
14) Groundwork, Sauce, Hazy Baby, Warm and Cool Haze­­–A warmer, redder haze.
15) Groundwork, Sauce, Hazy Baby, Matte 2­­–A little more matted and muted tones.
16) Hazy but Warm­­–Very light warming and VERY gentle haze. A lovely clean action.
17) Just the Secret Sauce–­­Super stackable, adds a little gentle warm toning.
18) Just the Toppings–­­Bam, very clean, all of the little details of Cayden Lane, minus the haze and matte.
19) Laying the Groundwork–­­One of the signature actions from our action set. Warm and Hazy.
20) Light Workflow–­­A gentle matted workflow.
21) Light Workflow with No Brightening
22) Light Workflow with Contrast–­­Lighter matted, soft workflow
23) Lori’s Dark, Hazy Matte­­–An add on to give a little matte.
24) Lori’s Hazy Baby–­­An add on to give some tint.
25) Warm and Cool Haze­­–An add on to give warm highlights and cooler shadows. Warm Blanket­­Gentle Warming
26) Warm Blanket 2–­­Stronger warming


ADJUSTMENT BRUSHES– Please note that by using the Density slider at the bottom of the adjustment brush, you can control how strongly these brushes work. Experiment with this!

1) CLP All in One Skin Reset Light–­­If the workflows leave your skin tones too colored for your taste, use this to reset it. This is the Light version.
2) CLP All in One Skin Reset with exposure–­­Sometimes the mattes can darken an image. This resets the skin tone and adds a pop of exposure.
3) CLP All in One Skin Reset
4) CLP Skies and Water (Heavy­-Light)–­­Add a little pop of blue to your water and skies to add to the magic of the images.
5) CLP Bright Faces (Regular and Heavy)-­­Brings a bit more brightness and contrast to faces.
6) CLP Bring Back Contrast
7) CLP Bring Back Clarity–­­Both of these brushes will help bring back details if the haze makes them too light.
8) CLP Deep and Dark­­–Deepen the background for more pop.
9) CLP Deep Color–­­Deepen the color and saturate it on backgrounds. CLP Details, details­­Strong, sharp details.
10) CLP Just the Color­­–Give important details pops of rich, strong color. Cayden Lane’s style pops the flowers, clothing, and important details with rich bursts of color.
11) CLP Less Red Skin­­–Bring back skin tone from the redder hazes.
12) CLP Less Yellow (Heavy­-Light)–­­Cool down areas that feel too warm/yellow. CLP Lori’s Perfect Skin­­Gently soften and smooth skin
13) CLP Lovely Hair­­–Bring back hair that is a little too soft from the haze or matte. CLP Pinky Pop Brushes­­Add a bit of pinky pop!
14) CLP Portrait Skin­­–A stronger skin smoothing tool
15) CLP Secret Sauce­­–Selectively add a little secret sauce to images
16) CLP Warm Blanket Brushes–­­Add warmth to your images selectively. Just choose your level.

LR4 and higher or Photoshop CS6 ACR7.0 and higher

This is a digital Download. No actual product will be shipped. You will be directed to a download after your purchase. You will also receive an email with a link to your download.

Due to the digital nature of our product, no refunds can be given.


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