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Follow Your Art by Pure Classic Photoshop Action Set - BEING DISCONTINUED

Follow Your Art by Pure Classic Photoshop Action Set - BEING DISCONTINUED


Tiffany Burke from Follow Your Art Photography is an amazing photographer with a well-honed style of fresh, clean, bold, classic color that knocks your socks right off. She mingles the classic clean color with modern pop and whimsy, and she even has some film-like aspects to her work. Each component of her workflow has been time-tested and is beautiful on it’s own, or in conjunction with other aspects of her action set. We feel like people will find many of these actions will become go-tos for our customers.

But Tiffany doesn’t stop there. In the instructions for the set, she outlines recipes for different looks. Of course, the possibilities are endless, but these are great starting points. This set will not only look good today, but tomorrow and always. These are classic colors at their best.

Works in Photoshop CS and up OR Elements 6 and up.

Please note this is NOT the Tapestry set.... nor the Classic or Artistic Presets collection.  This is the original FYA Action set for Photoshop and Elements

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1) Follow Your Color 1 – This action is the first action Tiffany uses to edit almost all of her images. It brings out a deep, rich color and is fully-customizable. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

2) Follow Your Color 2 – This action works either alone or with Follow Your Color 1. It keeps greens and blues from going wild and maintains the integrity of your color pop.

3) Follow Your Warmth 1- This action is a subtle warming action. It is so true-to-life. It’s warm summery light in an action.

4) Follow Your Warmth 2- This action gives a soft, warm, buttery light. And who doesn’t like butter?

5) Paint the sky – This action is very useful to paint over any overexposed or blown portions in your image. Bring some color to those lifeless skies.

6) Rich color Burn – This action is a nice way to add warm, rich color.

7) Follow Your Light -Bring in a little light.

8)Follow Your Dark – Add a little darkness.

9) Follow Your Matte Finish – This smooths the finish of your image and gives it a rich, film quality.

10) Follow Your Matte Finish + Add Richness – This action will apply a deeper matte finish to your image which has a darker film like quality.

11) Follow Your Matte Finish + Pop – This action will apply a punchy matte finish to your image which has a brighter film like quality.

12) Follow Your Contrast - This action will add a boost of contrast to an image.

13) Follow Your Haze Warm -This one is going to be a fast favorite. It gives a wonderful warm haze that is fully-adjustable. BEAUTIFUL on silhouettes.

14) Follow Your Haze Warm + Richness – This action adds a touch of warm haze and adds a rich darkness to your image.

15) Follow Your Haze Warm + Pop – This action adds a touch of warm haze with a punchier finish to your image.

16) Follow Your Haze Cool -A slightly cool overlay.

17) Follow Your Haze Red – This actions adds a red hazy overlay to your images.

18) Exquisite Color – This action is like a double-punch burning action. It will deepen the color and saturation of your image, giving the image a rich feeling.

19) Follow Your Sharpen Slight – This sharpening action is a very slight sharpen.

20) Follow Your Sharpen Defog – This sharpening action will give your image a hint of contrast and defog.

21) Follow Your Sharpen Define – I love this sharpening action. It gives your image a nice edge define and a hint of a 3D quality.

22) Add Richness – If your image needs a quick shot of richness, this action can work alone or in conjunction with others.

23) Add Pop – If your image needs a little pop, this action can work alone or in conjunction with others.

Must have either Photoshop CS2 and up OR Elements 6 and up

This is a digital Download. No actual product will be shipped. You will be directed to a download after your purchase.

Due to the digital nature of our product, no refunds can be given.

We know the legal stuff is not as fun, but we want to let you know what the terms of use are.

The actions, presets, templates, images and videos themselves are the property of Pure, and each sale/download constitutes a license to use the product.  Please do not resell, rehost, or give the actions/templates/videos away.  Please do not claim the actions/templates/videos/graphics (or the creation of them) as your own.  A license does not extend to multiple people in the same company.  You are welcomed to use the actions on personal and business images.  

You are not allowed to share, sell or give away anything that you purchase from Pure.  That violates the Terms of Use.

By purchasing you agree that you have double checked to make sure you have selected the proper editing platform, and that you have a basic understanding of how to use actions/presets and templates and how to install them and or a basic understanding of your editing platform.  

If you are found to have violated these TOU, you will be required to destroy all copies, under penalty of law.

But we KNOW you'd NEVER do any of the above stuff.  So let's have fun!

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