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Meshelle Designer Newborn Photoshop Actions - BEING DISCONTINUED

Meshelle Designer Newborn Photoshop Actions - BEING DISCONTINUED


 We went into this set with the eye being on studio newborn photography and developed it based off of Michelle Glasser’s beautiful, clean style. We honed Black and Whites that would look perfect on newborns in any situation. We made one just for newborn on light blankets, for example. But, in doing all of this, I am constantly amazed at how completely versatile it is. Indoors and out, good looking skin is always in style. A smooth, polished image is always what we want. So use these actions on ANY photo and be amazed.

This set is a little like a checklist. The first few times you use it just go down the base actions (which I will outline) and then do any little fix-ups you need, and then finish it off. After a few times down the list, you’ll get a great feeling for which actions your images need and what opacities you like.

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1) Baby Light–You’d be surprised at how often orange/yellow/off skin tones are exacerbated with underexposure. This brightening is quite gentle and will brighten without overdoing highlights. Feel free to mask this action or adjust the opacity to taste. The settings here are Michelle’s settings that she uses as a starting point.

2) Baby Pop–Baby Pop adds gentle, perfect contrast without mucking up the skin tones of the image. It gives the image just enough oomph without going overboard. Adjust to taste.

3) Baby Soft–One of Michelle’s tricks to lovely even tone. It brings the attention to the baby and gives a lovely skin boost.

4) Gentle Image Smoothing–This subtly polishes the skin and the overall image. On some, it might not even appear to do a ton. But it is gentle enough to fade those newborn millia and flakes a bit. Not so much that it looks plastic, but enough that you might not have to mess with mild cases and it makes bigger cases a lot more manageable. Adjust to taste.

5) Baby Cream–A softening and toning action in one. The softening is great because it also retains some detail. It doesn’t leave the baby like a fake plastic doll. Some of the sweet texture is PART of being a newborn. The skin tone details give a little more fix up with warmth and a toning down of some reds without totally graying baby out. Adjust to taste. Also use with Skin Tone Enhance. Paint the skin smoothing on with a soft white low opacity brush.

6) Skin Tone Enhance–If your baby is looking a little pale or too much red is gone, this adds back some subtle skin tone. Not too red, not too pink, not too yellow, it works with the subject’s natural skin tones and gives them a boost. No one wants a zombie baby! Adjust to taste.

7) Skin Tone Enhance and Spot Fix–This is when you need to take a little time to even out the skin tone manually. I don’t use this one as often as the one-click above, but it is a LIFE-SAVER when you need it. Paint the spot fix on with a soft white brush.

8) Ack! Purple!–Sometimes newborns’ circulation is not great. Little feet and hands can look a bit purple. This action will help balance that color out to a normal skintone. Paint it on with a white brush on the black mask in the layer palette to the areas affected.

9) Fluorescent Fingers–In the same vein of the Ack Purple! action, this addresses those bright red newborn spots like fingers, toes, really bright stork bites, etc. (Be aware that we don’t always get rid of all newborn markings. If they are there for the whole newborn period, like stork bites, we might fade strong ones, but we leave the mark there–unless we are specifically asked to remove it–because that is part of the story of the baby’s newborn period.) Paint this action on where needed. Also, this works really well on fake tanned brides who don’t realize they look orange. ;)

10) Spotlight–Kind of self-explanatory. Adds a little more light right towards the middle of the image to bring out the subject.

11) Baby Details–A light sharpen for those tiny details. Eyelashes, nostrils, lips, fingernails, etc. Bring them out just a little more. Paint it on where it needs to be and adjust opacity to taste.

12) Baby Vignette–Paint this on the edges if you need a little darkening. This is especially useful for areas of blanket closest to the light. You can even out the exposure a bit and make it all blend better. Paint it where needed with a soft, white brush.

13) Print Sharpen–This is a subtle sharpening action for print. Not all images need that final sharpen, but some do. This will bring out those little details in those gorgeous huge prints! Adjust to taste, obviously.

14) Paint on Softness–You never know where you need a little more softening. The front edge of a very textured blanket, the back bokeh, skin, etc. Touch up your softening here for a balanced look. Paint on as needed with a soft, white, low-opacity brush. :)

15) Jaundice Relief–A lot of times that deep orange color that newborns can have will be helped with bringing up the exposure a little, but assuming the case is strong, this action will balance out that overwhelming yellow/orange color. And it does it in a snap. Adjust the opacity to taste and mask off where you don’t need it.

16) High Key Black and White–This BW is targeted especially for newborns on light blankets/backgrounds. It keeps their skintones good and bright and not muddy, but doesn’t blow out the blanket. There are optional enhancements as well that you can turn on as you want, and adjust opacity as needed.

17) Deeper BW–A deeper, richer, moodier BW. Beautiful on midtoned to darker backgrounds.

18) Soft but Moody BW–A more matted, but moody BW. There are optional turn-on elements in the action to customize it beautifully.

19) Blanket Fade/Color Vignette–When this action runs it has instructions, but to reiterate, paint on the blur layer to fade out the blanket. You can gradually increase the fade toward the edges (higher opacity or more brush strokes.) If you are blending plexiglass on paper, fade the line a bit before cloning to help blend it. Then to use the Color Vignette, choose the Paint layer. Use the eyedropper tool (control/command I) and sample a color and then gentle paint it around the edges of blankets (at a very low opacity) or along the paper/blanket to get rid of wrinkles, shadows, etc.

20) Matte with Add-Ons–A soft matte that works well with studio images. Optional add-ons that you can turn on in the action. Try them out!

21-22) Meshelle’s Web-resize vertical and horizontal–Use for Vertical images you want to present on the web. It defaults the web-sizing to Facebook’s most current darling sizes. It also has a sharpen option that you can turn up and down to taste.

23) Golden Child–A gentle warming that won’t overpower the baby. Adjust opacity to taste.

24) Red Newborn–Just in case the baby is a bit too pink, this is the one for you! Adjust to taste.

This is a digital Download. No actual product will be shipped. You will be directed to a download after your purchase.

Due to the digital nature of our product, no refunds can be given.

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But we KNOW you'd NEVER do any of the above stuff.  So let's have fun!

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