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Instapure Lightroom Albums

Your mobile phone images made into beautiful printed albums in a SNAP!

Lightroom 3 and up only!

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Here’s how this product came about:

When we work on products they are all things we use.  They are ways to speed our workflow and help us balance our lives a little more.  As you know, we have been working on making some Lightroom album templates and we were using them mostly for clients for weddings and sessions.   We love them because they are drag and drop and super simple. As we were working on the next size we’ll be launching, we had an idea. It started out as, “Oh, hey, these are so easy, I could do my family photobooks!” But that started making me feel SUPER guilty.


*sigh* Here is my confession.

This year I have HUGE gaps in my family’s pictures with my “big girl” camera. I was incredibly busy at the beginning of the year. Then I had Henry 5 weeks early and he was in the NICU for a month and on O2 after that. I was literally physically and emotionally completely exhausted. I took a few pics with my Mark III in the NICU and I was glad for them, but I felt awful about my lack of pictures. But I DID take a bunch of cell phone/Instagram pictures to keep family and friends updated of Henry’s progress on Facebook, as that was about all I was emotionally up to. So I had SO much of our life locked up on my phone. So I thought, “Hey, what if I made an album of my cell phone pictures?” Well, that lead to, hmmm, our current albums are made with vast spreads with lots of rectangular slots and large images that work better for “real cameras”. So what if we made an album template that was made with Instagram/cell phone pics in mind? Square slots for images, small enough to not show the fact it is a cell phone pic, but large enough to show off the images? So we did it! We made this album, mostly with US in mind. I wanted it so badly for myself. So I downloaded all of my Instagram and cell pics and uploaded them to Lightroom. I tossed a little Basic Workflow/Basic Warm Workflow from our presets on them and put together an album and I about cried.

It was my life.

All of those precious moments I had snapped when all I had was my phone, or when I all I could emotionally handle was a quick snap. I found a beautiful album of our lives! Huge landscape shots of places we’d been. Fun portraits of kids with huge grins. Little details of things I loved. I made an album last night and sent it off to print today with tears in my eyes, thinking I had lost all of these moments to busy-ness and physical and emotional exhaustion. And I KNOW I am not alone in having a beautiful record of my family and my life on my phone. So we put together these templates so that we can release them to everyone. I am so excited to have a physical record of these moments. (I know that is so long, but this project was so personal to me and was such an emotional thing, almost a confession, and I know there are others out there who feel the same way.)


Lightroom 3 and up



This is a digital Download. No actual product will be shipped. You will be directed to a download after your purchase.


Due to the digital nature of our product, no refunds can be given.   These templates are tested and compatible in Lightroom 3 and up.