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New Pure Everything

If you thought the last everything was awesome..... this time it is even better!  Grab this deal while you can, because last time we sold the everything set was a year ago, and when we took it down, people were sad that they missed this deal! 

We have included the 3 actions that were not included in the last everything set (The Pure Matte, The Soft and Airy actions and presets and the New Purely Bold). 

Not only that, we have included access to ALL of our classes which has never been done before!  Our Photoshop class that includes over 6 hours of videos... our Lightroom class that is almost 5 hours of videos and our Studio Light course that is almost 3 hours of videos!  That is 14 hours of educational videos covering everything that you need to know about Photoshop/Lightroom and Studio lighting!  

But EVEN includes brand new sets that are not even released yet!  (A new Dark and Moody Lightroom Set, a new Studio LR set and our new sky swap set).  We are also working our way thru our older sets and making them bigger and better!  We have included updated sets for Set 1... Just a pinch... our studio set and our NEW ONE STEP SKYSWAP set that also includes actions to swap out a sky with color!  We took our old Sky Swap set and made it even better!  For blown out skies it is one step!  For skies with color, it is just 2 steps!

We just took the sky swap set that is already raved about by thousands and made it even better!  Imagine, one to two-step sky swaps!  It doesn't even matter if the sky has color!  We have video tutorials in our group also!  You can find that group HERE.  

These sets won't be available for sale outside of the everything set until an undetermined date next year.  

The value here is insane!  10 Lightroom sets, 8 ACR Sets, 4 Lightroom album and blogging template sets, 20 Email templates, 29 Element action sets, 37 Photoshop Action Sets (not including the 4 new updated sets), 180 full resolution skies for the sky swap set, Photoshop Blogging templates, Glitter Overylays, Christmas word overlays, and more!  

It also includes sets no longer sold on our site


  • PPA Poptastic
  • PPA Lightroom Presets set 1
  • PPA Lightroom Presets set 2
  • Pure Fall into Fall 
  • PPA Quick Clicks
  • PPA Summer Fun
  • PPA Spring Lightroom
  • Instapure Lightroom Templates
  • Lightroom Blogging Boards
  • Lightroom Album templates
  • Lightroom Square Templates


  • Poptastic
  • Pure Presets set 1
  • Pure Presets set 2
  • Pure Touch up Set
  • Pure Fall into Fall ACR
  • PPA Quick Clicks 
  • PPA Pure BW mini set

NON Presets/Actions Included

  • Pure Desktop Organizer
  • Pure Email Templates (20 email templates for your business)


  • BW Mixer 
  • Ice Cream Sundae
  • Taste of Pure
  • PPA Baby Max
  • PPA Black and White
  • PPA Cross Process
  • PPA Deep and Rich
  • PPA Fall into Fall 
  • PPA Golden Hour and Sunset
  • PPA Hazy Days Baby
  • PPA Just a Pinch
  • PPA Light Leaks
  • PPA Pure Essential Workflow
  • PPA Pure Haze
  • PPA Pure Matte
  • PPA Pure Seasons
  • PPA Pure Tones
  • PPA Pure Studio
  • PPA Purely Vintage
  • PPA Quick Clicks
  • PPA Round and Fill
  • PPA Set 1
  • PPA Set 2
  • PPA Split Tones
  • PPA Spring Fever
  • PPA Summer Days
  • PPA Summer Fun
  • PPA Tilt Simulation
  • PPA WInter Wonderland 
  • PPA Sky Swap 1 (90 Skies included)
  • PPA Sky Swap 2 (90 skies and fireworks included)
  • Pure Retouch Set and Video tutorial
  • Photoshop Blogging Templates
  • Photoshop Blogging Templates 2
  • Christmas Overlays
  • Glitter Overlays
  • Pure Bokeh Overlays


  • ONE STEP SKY SWAP SET!!!!! (not yet released)
  • PPA Just a Pinch updated (not yet released)
  • PPA Set 1 updated (not yet released)
  • PPA Studio Set new and improved (not yet released)
  • Purely Bold 
  • PPA Soft and Airy (For both Lightroom and Photoshop)
  • PPA Artistic Matte
  • PPA Pure Presets update for Lightroom (what we use for our personal workflow)
  • PPA Dark and Moody for Lightroom (not yet released)
  • Pure Lightroom Studio Express (not yet released)


  • Photoshop Class (6 hours of videos)
  • Lightroom Class ( 5 hours of videos)
  • Studio Lighting Course (3 hours of videos including live studio shoot demonstrations)

Please understand that these are VERY LARGE files (almost 4.0GB) and will take some time to download.  If you can't seem to get them downloaded, we can break it up into smaller sets for you, just email us!   You will find your download in your My Account ---- My Downloads.  You will find the videos in your My Account ---- My Videos section.  


$99.00 $69.30

Works in LR 4 and up

Photoshop actions work in Photoshop CC and up.  

This is a digital product and because it is digital, refunds can not be issued.  Please make sure that you have the proper software to run these actions or presets!