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Pure Split Tones
Sophistication and style. That’s what this set is all about. It is delicate and refined, giving your images a polish and visual punch that you won’t believe. We carefully take highlights and shadows and craft tones to grab the viewer’s attention and pique their interest. Warms, cools, deep shadows, soft highlights, this set has it all.
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1) Running Hot and Cold BW–This is a lovely soft BW with warm highlights and cool shadows. It has a very vintage feeling, yet it is flexible enough to fit many situations.


2) Plum Pudding BW–a deep, purple toned BW. Plum shadows give a sense of cool shadows while the pink highlights give a warm feeling. The juxtaposition of warmth and coolness brings a lot of visual interest and depth to the BW.

3) Bluebonnet Field BW–A cooler toned BW, with multiple shades of blue. It is a deeper, moodier BW.

4) Deep Plum BW–a deep, rich, matte BW that gives a vintage, almost film look.

5) Wam Skin Tones–Affecting the highlights, this action softens, warms and beautifes skin tones. It can be masked directly to the skin tones, or allowed to affect the whole image for warmer, brighter highlights.

6) Creamy Skin–This again affects skintones and highlights, giving them an elegant, creamy, soft look that is sure to flatter. You can mask it onto JUST the skin or your can allow to to affect the entire image. There isn’t a “right” way to do it here!

7) Warm and Bright–a warming and brightening action that is almost a workflow in itself. It warms both shadows and highlights, but keeps the shadows more deeply orange toned and the highlights a brighter, sunnier yellow. It can take those drab, flat images, and infuse a sense of golden hour.

8) Soft–Too much contrast SOOC? Does the image have too much going on? Soft can help bring down the craziness and give the image a more soothing tone.

9) Pomegranate Punch–A very warm tone that helps images shot in greens of trees, grass, or that are very cool and dark. It helps even tones and warm images where traditional orange/red/yellow warming is not cutting it.

10) Warm and Cool Vintage–Beautiful for outdoor shots, this vintage utilizes that Warm and Cool motif again, to draw visual interest in the viewer.

11) Peaches and Plums–A cozy, sunshine-infused, soft vintage tone.

12) Chocolate Milk BW–A warm, brown, matte BW.

13) Ras–Wam, bright, soft, flattering.

14) Ras Pop–Warm, Bright, poppy and flattering

15) Blushed Berries BW–Soft and romantic BW.

16) Distressed Copper BW–Coppery, brown, vintage, soft BW.

17) Garden BW- A warm and cool, sage and rose vintage soft BW.

18) Copper Patina–A rustic copper toned contrasted BW.

19) Add that Final Pop–Bright! Pop! With flair and subtlety.

20) Oh la la–Mmmm, romance in an action. Gentle, colored, warm light.

21) Green with Envy–Too warm? Too dark? Cool it down with this action.

22) Brown Matte–That gorgeous matte look everyone wants? Yep, this is it. A soft brown vintage tone and that matte look that finishes an image.

23) Sweet Love–Again, that gorgeous matte look. Everyone will wonder how you do it, since it is soft enough that it looks like it might be in-camera, but sophisticated enough that it will set you apart. Go ahead, try it and get noticed.






Must have either Photoshop CS or higher
Photoshop Elements 6 or higher


This is a digital Download. No actual product will be shipped. You will be directed to a download after your purchase.


Due to the digital nature of our product, no refunds can be given.

We know the legal stuff is not as fun, but we want to let you know what the terms of use are.


The actions, presets, templates, images and videos themselves are the property of Pure, and each sale/download constitutes a license to use the product.  Please do not resell, rehost, or give the actions/templates/videos away.  Please do not claim the actions/templates/videos/graphics (or the creation of them) as your own.  A license does not extend to multiple people in the same company.  You are welcomed to use the actions on personal and business images.  

You are not allowed to share, sell or give away anything that you purchase from Pure.  That violates the Terms of Use.

By purchasing you agree that you have double checked to make sure you have selected the proper editing platform, and that you have a basic understanding of how to use actions/presets and templates and how to install them and or a basic understanding of your editing platform.  

If you are found to have violated these TOU, you will be required to destroy all copies, under penalty of law.

But we KNOW you'd NEVER do any of the above stuff.  So let's have fun!

Pure Actions for Photographers