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Purely Bold
Bold, rich, stunning, classic. Take the plunge and make your work stand out and be noticed. Deep, sumptuous, dynamic color that will stand the test of time coupled with clean skin tones and striking contrast. Velvety smooth tone and depth will always be in style and your work will turn heads.

Black and whites that have depth and contrast without sacrificing details. Color that demands attention without compromising the subtlety of skin tones. Finishing touches that set you apart as a pro.

This set has been honed for many months to make these actions as one-click as possible. They still have layers and masks open to help customize them to the smallest degree, but we have fine-tuned them so that you will have a fast, seamless experience.

With the instructions built into the action set as click and play actions, you won't have to search for the how-tos on how to best use your set. We want your workflow to reflect you but free up time so that you can keep on being you and not be chained to your desk as you edit and stylize your images.

Works only in Photoshop CC and above.  Does not work in Lightroom or Elements.  By purchasing you acknowledge you have the proper software and that you understand this is a digital product and no refunds can be offered. 

This set comes with 15 bold color actions, 11 add-on actions (sun flare, mattes, etc), 2 black and whites and 12 Bold color basics (sharpening, warmer, lighten, etc).  This is a total of 40 actions!!!

$50.00 $35.00

Works in Photoshop CC and above!  Not lightroom and not elements!

This is a digital download and is not able to be refunded.  Please make sure that you purchase only if you have the correct software to run this download.  By purchasing you are agreeing that you have made sure you have the proper supporting software and that you understand there are no refunds.