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Studio Lighting 101


Studio lighting can be overwhelming when you are just starting out!  There are so many questions!

What lights do I need? 

What modifiers do I need? 

Where should I place the lights? 

What should my settings be? 

How many lights do I need? 

Can I use one light? 

How do I get the High key look? 

How do I get the dramatic, moody lighting?

How do I edit my Studio images?  

And more....... 



As moms with 13 kids between us and a job that has us traveling the globe to capture people's special moments, we are all about options. 



We've come to realize that is what so many of our fantastic customers want too. They want to understand light. They want to have options in their back pocket. 


A small home studio or even a storefront where they can do images for customers is on the bucket list. 


We're here to demystify lighting for you. We want to help you see how easy it all is.


 Once you know the rules of studio lighting, you'll be able to incorporate it into your bag or tricks. No more "faking it until you make it." It's the next step towards being a professional photographer who can handle any request and anything thrown at them. 


We're here to help you take the next step. Are you ready to take it?



We walk you thru the terminology you should know, the settings you should use, and how each setting on your camera affects your studio images.  


Want to learn more?  

It will cover everything you need to know to get those amazing in studio shots!

  • 1 light set ups
  • 1 light 1 reflector shots
  • 2 light set ups
  • 2 light and 1 reflector set up
  • Low key dramatic lighting set ups
  • High key white set ups
  • What settings to use in studio settings?
  • How we stretch the background of the studio image inside of Photoshop? 
  • What lenses should you or shouldn't you use?  How does a lens change the look of your studio image? 
  • Lighting patterns and ratios (and what each kind looks like and when and why you would use them).
  • What lighting pattern is masculine?  What is our favorite lighting pattern? 
  • Beauty/fashion (Butterfly) lighting
  • How to set up your studio lights
  • Where to position your light and reflectors
  • and more..... 


It is almost 3 hours of content covering everything you could need to know!  When you are done watching these videos, you will be able to confidently go into your next studio shoot!


You will have access to the videos whenever you want!  You don't have to stress about retaining all of the information at once.  

Come back and refresh your memory right before you have a session!  Or watch it while you set up your studio for your session!  


(Videos will be added to your "My Account ---- My Videos.)  

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