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Photoshop Class

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Photoshop is a powerhouse.  But how can you harness that power and target it for your needs? 

We're here to help you understand the critical components that photographers use to create breathtaking edits, and we'll give you the knowledge to feel at ease using this massive program. 

We'll go beyond just teaching you a particular style to demystifying how the tools work, so you can go beyond the classes and create your own look and style.  This video will walk you thru your workspace in Photoshop.  You will learn how to fix common mistakes and where everything is located.

It will cover (Each line is a separate video)

1) Your workspace and how to set it up to be more efficient. 
 2) Bridge 
3) ACR 
4) Brushes/Layers/Masks
5) Curves and Levels
6) Blending Modes/Textures (applying and tips to quickly erase off subject)
7) Gradients and Fill layers
8) Color Balance
9) Content Aware
10) Filters
11) Full Head/Body Swaps
12) Black and Whites. How to create them and what to look for in a picture to see if it will make a good Black and White. 
13) CMYK (and how to balance colors using this precise method)
14) Curves edit - An image edited only with curves
15) Clean Color Pop Edits and how to get that color pop in different ways!
16) Multiple complete edits from start to finish using a variety of images. 
 17) How to make, use and create Actions and how to batch process inside of Photoshop using the actions you just created


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