Free Photoshop Actions!

We love our fans so much that we have decided to put all of our free photoshop actions in one place!

Make sure that you grab your Free Photoshop Actions while they are available!

We also work hard at giving freebies to our fans, so please all we ask in return is that you share this page, like this page or both! In return for the freebies :) Deal?!!! Deal!! :)

These are limited time freebies!

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First our most extensive freebie :) It includes one action from alot of our sets. So you can get a taste for Pure Photoshop Actions! We know that you will want more! So download this Free Photoshop Action Set while it is still available!

Our Taste of Pure set.


Summer Days


Baby Max Black and White


Free Baby Max Card Template


Free Miss Mae Card Template


Free Side by Side Template