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As photographers ourselves, we know that there are so many actions and tools available out there. So why would you choose Pure?

We’ve been asked why we started selling actions in the first place. The answer is sort of funny. We never intended to sell actions in the first place! It’s true!

We had gotten a lot of emails over and over from other photographers and aspiring photographers asking us about workshops and classes or even just asking us what we did in Photoshop to get our results. It was totally flattering. However, since we had 9 (soon-to-be 10) kids between us, as well as a growing photography business, we just were never able to focus enough time to plan, prepare and execute a workshop, and answering email after email was becoming difficult due to the number.

So we decided to do a webinar to go over our post-processing techniques. As we were preparing for it (we loved the idea of doing it at home in our jammies while the kids were in bed!), we realized that we kept using certain steps over and over, and it would be easier to make actions of these parts of our workflow and just give these to the participants, so that we could free up more time to teach more techniques.

Once word got out that we were putting together actions, the excitement from all of our fans was crazy! It really grew out of control from there.  

So what does that story mean? Well, we never set out to make “actions.” We spent years building what we felt was an effective workflow, both for production and getting an image to a clean place, and for helping us achieve an artistic vision. So these actions are simply the product of that. They are not meant to overpower an image or fundamentally alter it. They are gentle building blocks that are meant to be combined in a million different ways, in different opacities, masked or even applied twice! We’ve always wanted our vision to show through. We wanted our photographs to be the center of attention, not our processing. So the actions are gentle and highlight the beauty of a photograph. But they are useful enough to save a “problem” image and bring out the hidden beauty. We really don’t want people to say, “Hey, you must use Pure Actions!” We would rather that people say, “Wow, that photograph is amazing!”

We like the “build it up” approach. We like being able to run an action once and then the user can decide if it needs a second run. It is easy to toggle between two layers and see if adding the second time put the action too over-the-top. We also leave the actions as open as possible. We want our users to have the ability to adjust as many layers as they want. We put masks on nearly every layer so that the user can decide exactly where they want the effects applied. That is a huge part of our philosophy. Flexibility! We want Pure Actions to be almost imperceptible. Sure, we’re working on more dramatic artistic actions right now, but our workflow and basic actions are meant to accent what YOU’VE done.

We think when you try Pure Actions, you’ll be hooked with how fast, easy, and beautiful they are.


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