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Google+ Tip: Influencers

Google+ Tip: Influencers



This is not exactly a FAQ, since no one is asking about it.  BUT THEY SHOULD BE.

Google+ loves Influencers.  It likes to see people creating and sharing useful content.  It likes to see people interacting.  It likes to see people interacting with Influencers.  Google wants to send people to information that is created by people that are generally found influential and interesting.

Ok, cool.  So how can you track that a little?  If you create content that is getting shared on G+ that is a great way for Google (and you) to track your influence.  In fact, if you share content that you have NOT created, but it gets shared, that is an even MORE interesting way to track your influence.

I shared a post yesterday about the fact G+ has overtaken Twitter as a social media outlet and is sitting at #3 (just behind the Google-owned YouTube.)  I did not create the content and it had been shared often.  So it was out there in the wilds of G+ from a lot of different sources.  So, how did Pure rank as an INFLUENCER?  I've been hearing a lot about Influencers, Google+, and SEO.  So how to track that?


Do you know where to find your sharing Ripples?

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 10.30.28 AM


It is in the dropdown along the side of your post.  Click the bottom option.

It will bring up an interesting graph.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 10.30.43 AM


It shows how a particular piece of content has spread on G+.  The bigger circles have higher influence, and can be seen as an influencer, even of they did not personally create the content.  Being a part of a chain of influence can also be helpful in being seen as someone of influence and having influential relationships.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 10.30.51 AM


What I really like about this measure is it is a pretty hard number to game.  It registers what people are truly sharing and making viral and interesting.  Helpful, beautiful, emotive, insightful, and funny things gain traction.  Taking time to craft something people want to associate their name with is rewarded.  (I believe this is a huge part of the mature and helpful tone of G+.  Good content is rewarded within G+ and outside of it in the broader Google, rather than petty dramatic or controversial squabbles.)

Also. noticing influencers and what they are doing can help.  Find your own niche, but do similar things.  And I am finding not to ignore the power of interacting with influencers and getting noticed by them.  I have seen people's circles boom with mentions and interaction on influencers posts.  (I've been watching some amazing SEO gurus and how just a word here or there can shine a light on previously undiscovered gems.  I's been very interesting.)

Some of our most influential posts that were shared were personal and heart-felt posts, cool images, helpful tips about photography, life, G+, and beyond.  People emotionally connect with so many things.  What is it about you that speaks to your audience?  What are you an expert on?  What sets you apart?  Create content based on that, with your end user in mind and see if you can get more "influence."  Also, don't forget the easier step too of noticing amazing content and sharing it for others to find.

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