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Sky Overlays So Easy a Child Can Do Them!

Sky Overlays So Easy a Child Can Do Them!

Wow, there was a time we thought this day might never come. We’ve been asked for YEARS now if we were going to offer a sky set. We know there are many amazing vendors out there with beautiful skies, so we determined we were not going to enter into this unless we had something ground-breaking to contribute to the genre. So while we started collecting skies about a year ago, we have not released until now. Why? Well, because we FINALLY cracked how to painlessly (really painlessly) swap out a sky. NO tedious masking and blending. Just click, maybe a few swipes of a brush and done. If you want to get super fancy, you can use some of the other editing options to further enhance the realism of your sky, but those options are just as easy. We are including a vast array of skies (93 of them!!!) that we have collected with many different types of light. This can help you to select the perfect sky to realistically match to your image. But you can also use any other sky you have purchased or shot yourself and incorporate it into your images using these actions.

 Here are a few images and some videos showcasing the overlays!





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5 years ago
Jason Miller

this is really a nice sky changing tip that you have shared here on this website. I like the Photoshop hacks which you people share here.

8 years ago
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The skies in these photos is bright/plain white so it maybe easier, but if there is some darker spot or object/people in the photo is brighter... I think after all, users should train more to do it yourself.

8 years ago
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8 years ago
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8 years ago
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Photography is really an art. All can not have the ability to click the creative photos. The photos which you are shared is really wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

8 years ago

... Not sure what I'm doing wrong but When I perform the "Sky swap with options", and pull in the sky image, I cannot see the actual image of newly placed sky...

I'm sure it's some simple step or setting I'm overlooking...

8 years ago
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That sometimes looks so easy to do every thing but in reality when we go in thee same situation so we come to know that the task was not as easy as it looked like and we have to do double work to reach up to the expectations of the authorities.

8 years ago


8 years ago
Vishal Kumar

these are outstanding Photography as well as action.
thanks for sharing such a great post..!

8 years ago
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8 years ago

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8 years ago
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Prior to reading this post, I didn't know that there were such cool apps for editing your picture to have a more fancy look of the sky. Thanks for providing us those you tube videos, they are very helpful when it comes to editing the photos.

8 years ago
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8 years ago
Chris Winslet

There are certain software to add great effects to your photos. Is this one just applicable to change the sky color only or something additional is there? Anyways it's really nice. Thanks for adding the videos and providing step-by-step instruction. I'm having a great interest in such editing tools and software. Sooner I'll try it. Check out <a href="">Instant Mosaic photos Orlando</a> for some similar software. You'll surely love it.

9 years ago
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Nice blog, thanks for sharing the information. I will come to look for update. Keep up the good work.

9 years ago
Natalie Brady

I recently bought this and i can not use it. ive tried to follow the videos it is not easy!. i watched the videos several times and tried on a few different images. I also tried to contact you guys and no one ever got back to me. I am not happy with my purchase at all. if someone can't help me use this then i would like a refund because it's a waste of money if i can not use it.

thank you.

9 years ago
Andrea Sillick

I also have experienced the same issue. I LOVE all of your products and was thrilled when this came out. I tried to use it, and when it places the sky, only the very top portion of the sky is placed and the original is not removed so it adds a blue tiny to everything, and only shows the top sliver of the sky in the background. I also tried contacting via Facebook and received a response question asking if I was editing in 300dpi, which I am and do, but that doesn't seem to change this bug in my system. I would greatly love to use this software, but just need some help figuring out where the bug is. I have followed along with all of the video tutorials, and still the same issue occurs. I see how amazing this action set is and really want to take advantage of it, if you or anyone can respond with some guidance! (I use cs5.5 on my mac)

8 years ago
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Seems really perfect set of sky to capture the moment. I think you're right that it's kind of easy work to do. I'll definitely try other sky view to take the shot!

9 years ago

What about these sky swaps makes it possible to not have to mask off the people, etc. in the image? I have purchased some sky swaps in the past and it was a pain masking off the trees, etc. that I didn't use the actions very much. Just wondering if and how these are different.

9 years ago
Kellie Foster

If I buy the sky swap does it come with directions on how to use it in CS2?

9 years ago


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