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Lightroom Course

Lightroom Course

Do you need more hours in the day?

 Is editing time draining your passion for photography? 

  Are you looking for better consistency and a style that you can apply to all your images?

 We're here to demystify Lightroom

We'll get beginners going strong and even help seasoned users to explore more effective ways of using this game-changing program. 

Take your life back.

 Rekindle your love of photography. Find consistency. 

 There are 11 videos in total with over 4 hours of content! 

 You will learn everything from 

  •  Library module 
  • Adjustment Tools
  •  Sorting in Lightroom 
  • Exporting 
  • Develop Global Sliders
  •  Dehaze tool 
  • Creating and Saving Presets of your own
  •  Batch editing Lightroom to Photoshop and how to harness both software's
  •  Troubleshooting and how to fix what could go wrong in Lightroom Lightroom Workflow


Now enjoy our free Lightroom Workflow video!  It is almost 40 minutes long and it is just a taste of the information you will learn in the course!

Do you want to cut hours of editing time out of your life and still get fantastic results?  You will also get access to an EXCLUSIVE FB Group where we will be posting, even more, tips and tricks and answering any questions you have!   So much education and learning and more importantly a community of photographers!  

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