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  • 29 April

    How to photograph your Christmas Tree

    The holidays are coming and with them come a lot of photo ops. Want to take them up a notch? How about getting a little star burst on your Christmas tree lights or Menorah candles? This is a fun little trick that will give your holiday photos a little extra sparkle. It is important that you have a tripod for this, as we will be working with longer exposures. You will also need a camera where you can control the exposure, like a DSLR or a bridge point and shoot. Now, in a semi-dim room with candles or Christmas lights lit, position the tripod where you would like it. Now we fiddle with the exposure. My usual starting place is f/16, ISO 200, shutter speed 15 seconds--see why we need the tripod? I also will put my camera on a 2 second delay, so when I hit the shutter, it isn't affected by any movement of the camera when i push the button. (If you do not own a tripod, you can also set your camera on a table or s chair ... read more

  • 22 October

    Quick preset edit

    Make sure you click HD at the bottom right hand corner for the best viewing. Here is a quick video tutorial showcasing a couple presets and also the dehaze tool in Photoshop. We have included the brushes I used as a freebie, and those are linked at the end of the video for you. I know that the exposure isn't perfect, I do strive to get things right in camera as much as possible, but I am human and I do make mistakes. Sometimes you have to save those images.  You can find the freebie that I used in the video HERE.  You can also find the other presets I used in this video HERE.  read more

  • 14 October

    Batch Editing in Bridge and ACR

    People often ask us how long it takes us to edit a wedding. When we reply 3 hours MAX, they can't believe it. What they don't know, is that it used to take us 30-40 hours per wedding. When we first started wedding photography, we felt we needed to hand touch each image in Photoshop. Since, we have learned the power of batch processing. Now the only images that we even open into Photoshop, up close images that need a little skin touchup on the bride or groom, images that are going in albums, or being printed, or the client wants as a fb profile image and it needs just a little bit of touchup on the skin. Most of our images just get the ACR edit, and it is a clean, simple and classic edit. It is the epitome of our style. We don't want our wedding clients to look at the editing on their images, and be like, oh yes that was so 2014. We want it to be simple and clean. We want them to ... read more

  • 7 October

    Tips for photographing Fireworks

    With New Years Eve coming up there is often times where you have a chance to photograph fireworks if you want.   Photographing fireworks can often be confusing and frustrating.  You want to capture more then one firework at a time, and you want the capture the movement, but can't quiet figure it out.  There is one tip that makes this much easier, and will give you the results you are wanting!  LONG EXPOSURES!!   Having a long exposure (mine was 30 seconds) will allow you to capture more then one firework, and you will capture all that movement.  However, you will need to adjust other settings and you will need to figure out a way to allow yourself to photograph with such a long exposure.  Here is a quick list of what I do.  1) Set my exposure to 30 seconds.  2) Set my camera up on a tripod. 3) Set my camera on a 2 second delay.  I do this if I don't have my remote trigger with me.  Even on a tripod when you click the shutter, there may ... read more

  • 7 August

    Our Yearly Birthday Sale!!

    Our once a year Birthday Sale is coming on the 13th of August! Save the date in your phones. You don't want to miss this! With the way Facebook has been, don't count on seeing this in your feed during the sale! So put that alarm in your phone! You don't want to miss this! It is one of our longest and biggest birthday sales ever!!! read more


  • I LOVE Pure Photoshop Actions! They make my job so much easier! I am an action “junkie” but since discovering Pure Photoshop Actions, I am no longer interested in the others! I love the simplicity of the Pureactions, I love that they are subtle and do not “over-power” but really “enhance” my photos!

    Julie Paisley

  • I absolutely adore these actions! I use them 90% of the time and they are just fantastic. I love that they are subtle actions and add just enough to your images. Keep rocking them out because Alex Michele Photography is a HUGE fan!!!!

    Alex Michele